Enjoy all your outdoor fun bug free with Skitopel® 100% all-natural insect repellent sprays and candles. Skitopel repels mosquitos, gnats, buffalo gnats, no-seeums, biting flies, sweat bees, deer flies, horse flies, chiggers, ticks and more. Skitopel is lab tested and proven repellent.
Keep Insects Away the All-Natural Way!


100% all-natural scientifically tested and proven to be 100% repellent even at 2+ hours! Have a fun relaxing enjoyable day at the park pest free with Skitopel®!

What is Skitopel?

We are a family-owned business that began in 2019. In 2023 we became certified as a woman-owned business by NWBOC. Skitopel® is pronounced Skeetopel. It is a combination of the words mosquito and repel. All of our products are 100% all natural and homemade. Skitopel® is a unique brand because each product contains herbs grown and harvested by us. We have been gardening and growing plants and herbs for most of our lives and have been able to enjoy the outdoors insect free. Our sprays have been scientifically tested and are proven to be 100% repellent even for 2+ hours! Even better is the fact that Skitopel® repels not only mosquitos but also gnats (all types), no-seeums, biting flies, sweat bees, deer flies, horse flies, chiggers, & ticks!

Enjoy the outdoors again!

Whether you're headed to a ball game, the park, camping or simply staying home barbecuing Skitopel® products will keep you both bug free and chemical free!

Skitopel® sprays will keep you bug free for all your outdoor adventures with a pleasant scent which is soft and easy on the skin and safe for everyone!

The candles are unique because they can be used both indoors and outdoors! Indoors the herbs in each one refresh the entire home. Outdoors they keep the entire sitting area bug free and provide a sweet. relaxing scent outdoors.

Verified Google Reviews
My family and I have been using Skitopel for at least a couple of years now. I get ATTACKED by mosquitoes! I had gotten to the point where I hated to go outside, because I had to cover my body with poison that smelled bad and made my skin feel strange and sticky. We have used the repellent and the candles. Skitopel smells amazing and makes my skin feel soft! And it works!!!! Thanks for giving me the ability to enjoy the outdoors again!We love, love, love their products! Both the lemon and the mint smell so good, and doesn't leave that nasty feeling on your skin like normal mosquito repellents do.The repellent candles are wonderful as well!
— Ronna & Robert Watt
Mosquitos love me, but I love Skitopel! I have used it several times and NO bites! and the smell is amazing! My favorite is the mint! It's definitely worth a try if you haven't already!
— Lisa Hudder
I just returned from the National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia. It was 2 weeks of tent living. I used Skitopel every day and had no issues with bugs or ticks. Skitopel was easy to apply and maintained its effectiveness throughout the day. An added bonus - it smelled great! I highly recommend this products!
— Larry Strube
I seen Skitopel on channel 2 news last week. I've been looking for a ALL NATURAL bug repellent so I immediately placed a order and in 2 days I had products in hand. I live right on the river and spend a lot of time outside and have bugs galore...But I sat outside the last 2 days BUG FREE....AMAZING PRODUCTS.... Smells heavenly and makes my very sensitive skin so soft. I will be a FOREVER customer for Life.Thanks so much
— Rose Barnes