3 For 45 Candle Bundle

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These candles are unique and one of a kind! Each can be used both indoors and outdoors! Each candle contains herbs grown and harvested by us.  The ingredients for these candles include lavender, lemon balm, and a variety of mints, soy wax, soy wicks, and coloring.

Enjoy 60 hours of burn time as well with the 16oz size & over 60 hours burn time with the 20oz size!

Outside the candle will keep the entire sitting area completely bug free. Whether you want to enjoy the morning, afternoon, or evening outside, you can be sure to enjoy it bug free with this candle! For all your barbecues, outdoor parties, swimming parties, camping trips this is the candle you need!

Indoors the herbs provide a sweet, refreshing, relaxing, soothing atmosphere for the entire home.

This fresh, relaxing scent will enliven every room in the home as well as the outdoor area so everyone will have a relaxing, enjoyable, bug free day and night.

Can't decide which candle scent to choose from? Try all 3 20oz candles and bundle and save!

This bundle is for the 20oz candles.